BlackNGoldRR - Our union in Trainstation 2

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About our union

Welcome to the home of Black N Gold Railroad! We are a Trainstation 2 Union, and this is our public outreach channel. You are welcome to hang out here and chat with our members in public-discussion. In the Winter season, we scored 12th place on the global leaderboard, and all of our members scored a 100-slot train with 50 slots pre-completed. Our goal for the Spring season is to raise that pre-completed number to 60 or better and reach the Top 10 on the leaderboard. If you're interested in joining Black N Gold, we have a minimum production expectation of 2,200 SP per week. The exact amount changes weekly and is half of the Union's average score. We ask that all members have advanced at least to France. Also, members are asked to notify us in the event of an absence of more than 24 hours. We prefer not to kick people for performance and will work with you to review your situation and circumstances, identifying opportunities for improvement. We're always interested in sharing game strategies and will respond to strategy related inquiries in get-help. If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about joining, please let us know in public-discussion and we'll be happy to talk with you. Again, welcome aboard!


Please use our discord invitation link to join our server and get in touch with our officers for more details.

Why discord

We use discord for the communication within the union. And, of course, sometimes there is a funny conversation as well.